But Population And Education Trends Suggest That Only 33 Percent Of Working-age Adults In California Will Have Bachelors Degrees By 2030 A Shortfall Of 1.1 Million College Graduates.

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With baby boomers leaving the workforce, it said, California is not generating enough college graduates to fill their shoes and meet the growing demands of a sophisticated economy. In 2030, if current trends persist, 38 percent of jobs will require at least a bachelors degree, PPIC said. But population and education trends suggest that only 33 percent of working-age adults in California will have bachelors degrees by 2030 a shortfall of 1.1 million college graduates. Its obviously one of those long-term issues, like transportation, housing and water supply, that should be atop the states political agenda. But if anything, the slice of state revenues devoted to higher education has been shrinking. With other demands on the budget, such as medical care for the poor, taking bigger shares, the University of California and the California State University systems have felt compelled to raise student tuition to offset stagnant state aid. Money, however, is not the only factor. Another big one is the hidebound nature of higher education, driven by a master plan thats more than a half-century old and completely antiquated. It draws tight lines of demarcation that separate community colleges, the state university system and UC and makes it very difficult to embrace the flexibility that 21st century circumstances require. Any deviation from orthodoxy, such as allowing community colleges to award four-year degrees, or the state university system to provide doctorates, meets stubborn opposition from guardians of the turf status quo. There have been some victories, such as recent legislation making it easier for high schools to partner with community colleges and allow high schoolers to take some career-oriented college-level classes. Ed Source, a website devoted to California education, surveyed the College and Career Pathways Act and found a number of high school-community college partnerships that allow high school students to simultaneously earn high school and college credits.

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