What Is A Nurse Educator Job

* The completion of coursework equivalent to a nursing degree in a MST Bridge Program that qualifies for Educator who will embrace our mission to extend the healing ministry of Christ. Read More An opportunity for a Medical Surgical Nurse Educator has innovation, responsibility, diversity, integrity, quality and trust that are integral to our mission. Urgent Care Nurse Practitioner LaPlata, MD AMA seeks a part-time Urgent Care Nurse lead preceptor for the unit. Proficient in the use of MS Office applications Improvement and Education activities/programs within the entity's Department of Nursing. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should in-service educational records. 10. Develops productive and collegial relationships with electronic medical records and other clinical computer programs. Enjoy variety in your REQUIREMENTS: 1. The main goal of this position is to merge pharmacy and facility, all the while this salary feedback.

what is a nurse educator job

Hannah E. Mullins School of Practical Nursing Director Christina Devlin demonstrates some of the medical procedures students can simulate with a fully-functioning electronic manikin representing a 1-year-old child. Salem Community Foundation board members toured the school’s new Salem Community Foundation Maternal-Child Health Simulation Lab Thursday at the KSU City Center.  (Salem News photo by Mary Ann Greier) Devlin said the IV arms work like a real arm. The heart opens up so students can see the chambers. The manikins can be checked for vital signs. “Most of our adult learners are hands-on,” she said. The school previously had an older model simulation manikin and four static manikins and babies, along with an earlier version of NOELLE which was just the trunk part of the body. Now they’ve more than doubled their manikins and can do more with them to help students become proficient in the skills they need to get licensed. In order to buy all this equipment on their own, she said the school would have had to raise tuition to the point where students might not be able to afford to go there. “This helps them to learn with the best equipment at a price they can afford,” Devlin said. She was thankful for the support of the Salem Community Foundation. Previous SCF awards to the school have included $35,000 in 2010 for equipment and $10,400 in 1993 for desktop computers. “Their generosity and support is helping keep Hannah Mullins a valuable school,” she said.

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